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Infant Toddler Program

Neuroscience has validated the Montessori method to support your child’s most critical learning stages, from birth to 5 years of age. During her observations, Maria Montessori observed that even the youngest of children have the ability to absorb language and revel in sensory experiences,  and find their places within their learning environments.  At the heart of Montessori, it starts with respect for the child. Even within the Infant-Toddler classroom, you will see teachers modeling behavior, guiding and assisting, as opposed to correcting and teaching.

We offer a calm, nurturing environment that supports the individual needs of each infant and toddler student. Our teachers help create a peaceful, inviting classroom that enables children to feel safe and loved, and to inspire them to explore and create. A carefully planned Montessori environment, planned down to the smallest detail, guides children to tools for learning new things just at the moment they’re ready for them. Furniture and learning materials are child-sized, helping them towards independence. Children are allowed freedom of movement within limits, always in the presence of an adult.

Working in conjunction with our parents, we work together to help support your children as they complete each learning milestone, from crawling to walking, from infant feeding to self-feeding, and gradually working towards independence. By the time they age out of the toddler program, they will be ready for Children’s House!


Teachers focus on the psychological & sensory perspective of the infant, paying specific attention to the developmental turning points in these critical stages of life. Paying attention to your child’s natural rhythms, teachers will honor sleep and eating patterns through a predictable day. Your child will have a clean safe environment, allowing him to kick, crawl, enjoy supervised tummy time. Sensory experiences that allow your child to touch , feel, and watch will also be introduced. Equally as important are language development at this age, where teachers will be repeating words and incorporating Sign language for common tasks such as “eat”, “sleep”, “diaper change”.


Children are working towards a sense of independence and order in the toddler phase. Upon arrival in the classroom, toddlers are able to hang up their belongings, take off shoes and put on their indoor shoes. They also learn about self-care, from washing their hands to using the potty and dressing themselves. To foster a toddler’s innate drive towards independence, the environment is prepared in a way that allows toddlers to explore and choose their work. Teachers adapt and modify learning materials to hone in children’s interests and to allow for longer periods of concentration. Many practical life activities are incorporated: preparing their snack, cleaning the table, washing dishes, and even flower-arranging! The children practice & perfect these skills, increasing fine muscle coordination & concentration and gaining a sense of order.

We hope you contact us to learn more about our wonderful Infant-Toddler program. You’ll be amazed at the calmness of the classroom, and the ability for these young learners to explore independently with a sense of purpose.