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Cary Williams - Founder, Head of School
Cary Williams holds a BA in early childhood, elementary education, and visual arts. She has earned teaching certification from birth through grade 8. Cary is certified by the American Montessori Society for the 3-6 level, and also the Center for Montessori Teacher Education program for Montessori School Management. In addition, Cary is a certified instructor for International Network for Children and Families (INCAF). Cary’s career in education has spanned over 30 years. She has worked with children in many capacities including public and private elementary schools, preschools, and day care centers. Cary has taught in both AMI and AMS schools since becoming involved with Montessori in 1977. Cary is dedicated to creating a community that supports the growth of staff, children, and parents. She is also committed to expanding awareness about child-centered learning and promoting tolerance and understanding of diversity.
Lisa Ciesluk - Assistant Head of School

Lisa joined Keystone in 2012, bringing her diverse work experience in business and education. Her background of working in corporate finance, business, and as a Montessori Assistant Teacher helped make Lisa the perfect candidate for her role here at Keystone. Since joining Keystone, Lisa has created a positive work environment, built strong family relationships, streamlined the billing process, and improved communications among our community.

Lisa earned her B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing from Centenary College, NJ in 2002. She also has a strong science and math background. Once Lisa set foot into the Montessori classroom, she knew exactly where she wanted to be. She strongly believes in the Montessori philosophy, and has a deep respect and love for children. Lisa is also a Certified Infant & Toddler Specialist. In her spare time, she enjoys life on the lake, spending time with her kids, playing music, and volunteering her time coaching basketball. Her children started their Montessori education as early as 2 years old through elementary.

Erica Adelson - Assistant to the Head of School
Erica is a Massachusetts native with a passion for education and multicultural learning, stretching as far back as her own Montessori preschool days. She began studying Spanish in middle school and soon added French, eventually becoming a tutor in both languages. In college, she complemented her language studies with Arabic and quickly joined the tutoring staff at the school. She graduated Smith College with a major in Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies and a minor in Spanish. Following her language studies, Erica stepped into the assistant director role of a community language school in Cambridge, MA, combining her love for language teaching with an administrative role; managing teachers, guiding day to day operations, and serving as the main point of contact for all students and community partners. After 7 years in that position, Erica is excited to bring her experience to the Keystone team and return to a Montessori environment!
Amanda Jean - Office Manager
Amanda has been a Keystone parent since 2012, and joined Keystone in 2016 working part-time as an administrative assistant. Her contribution and work ethic to Keystone quickly proved to be invaluable. Within a few short months she was quickly offered a full-time position and was recently promoted to Office Manager in 2017. Her dedication and skill set continue to help play a key role in supporting our teachers and enhancing our business processes. Amanda is typically the first person you will see when entering Keystone or the first person you will talk to when calling our school. Amanda brings with her a unique skill set of accounting, administrative, marketing skills, and a creative floral design background. In her spare time Amanda enjoys running, kayaking, camping, and spending time with her family.
Patrick McGlinchy - Program Director

Patrick joined Keystone in 2005 and served as Children's House Head teacher in our Full Day Program. In 2018, he was also promoted to Children's House Director where he worked in the morning on the administration team, while in the afternoon serving as the Kapok teacher working with our Kindergarten students. Patrick is working full time on the administrative team, using his leadership skills to support our teachers, enroll students, and build relationships with families. Patrick holds a bachelor degree is in Political Science from LeMoyne College. After working in politics for ten years, Patrick fulfilled his true desire to be a Montessori teacher. He attended Montgomery Montessori Institute in Maryland, and is certified by the American Montessori Society. Before joining Keystone, Patrick taught for several years in the Washington, D.C. area. Patrick is an advocate for stronger Science curriculum and in the primary classroom and has presented at National Conferences. Both of his children have attended Keystone. His youngest son continues his education here in our Elementary program.

Hillary Dahl - Infant-Toddler Program Coordinator & Head Teacher

Willow Room: Infant-Toddler Classroom

Hillary joined Keystone in August 2018 and has played a crucial role in helping us to launch our 1st ever Infant-Toddler program! Hillary has been working with infants and toddlers for 15 years and holds an American Montessori Society diploma from The Montessori Institute of New England in Infant-Toddler. She is also Director I Teacher certified by the state for children from birth to age 6. Hillary is currently attending Lesley University where she is pursuing an advanced degree in Counseling. She is also instructor certified in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga meditation. Hillary is the proud mother of a daughter, who enjoys cooking and boy scouts. Hillary enjoys hiking 4000k mountains up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Jenna Mahoney-Pierce - Infant Teacher

Willow Room: Infant-Toddler Classroom

Please welcome Mrs. Jenna Mahoney-Pierce as the Head Infant Teacher. Jenna has been working with children for 18 years. She holds a B.S. from Lesley University with a minor in education. She has been a public school teacher for grades 4 through 7 where she taught math, science, language and computer skills. Jenna was introduced to early childhood education when she nannied for a family with young children. She realized the importance of these formative years and went on to earn her Ma. state certification as a Lead teacher for preschool and infant-toddler.

David Matul - Assistant Teacher

Willow Room: Infant-Toddler Classroom

David has been the Willow Room toddler assistant teacher since being hired in October 2019. Before finding his way to Keystone, David taught at Beverly Children's Learning Center for 6 years. Although he attended school for Criminal Justice, he realized his passion for teaching while volunteering at schools. What drew David to the Montessori philosophy was the focus on independence and creative thinking. Other than teaching, David enjoys hiking with his friends.
Amanda Osborn - Administrative Assistant / Infant-Toddler Substitute/Assistant Teacher

Administrative Assistant/Support Teacher for Willow Room

Amanda joined Keystone in February 2019 during our classroom expansion and worked as the assistant in the Willow classroom. For the 20-21 school year, Amanda will be supporting our Admin Team with the goal to move back to the classroom once things go back to normal. Amanda has been in the early childcare industry since 2017 and is EEC certified in infants and toddlers. Although she graduated with a criminal justice degree, she has found her niche teaching. Before joining Keystone in February 2019 Amanda taught at KinderCare. Aside from teaching, Amanda enjoys spending time with her stepdaughter Mavis. She also enjoys photography, caring for animals, and music. In fact, she loves music so much that her family calls her “the human jukebox.”
Itishree Bastia - Willow Room Substitute Teacher / Administrative Support

Substitute Teacher

Itishree joined Keystone as a substitute teacher during the 2018-19 school year and then as the Assistant in the Infant-Toddler & Children's House Classrooms. This year Itishree is supporting our Willow Classroom working as a frequent substitute teacher. Itishree also supports our administrative team. Itishree Bastia received a masters degree on Botany from Utkal university, India. She worked as a substitute teacher in various schools at Westford and as assistant teacher at Westford Integrated preschool (Millennium) before joining Keystone. Her elder son joined college this year and her younger son is now in 6th grade. Her passion is teaching, and she loves animals and likes to cook.

Prabha Vajjhala - Founding Teacher

Oak Room: Children's House Full Day Classroom

Prabha joined Keystone in 1998 when the school was founded. She has her Montessori teaching certificate from London Montessori in England,as well as her certification from the New England Montessori Teacher Education Center. Prabha holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and psychology. Prabha has also taught kindergarten in India, and worked extensively with children with special needs.

Sadhna Sharma - Assistant Teacher

Oak Room: Children's House Full Day Classroom

Sadhna joined Keystone in 2014 as substitute teacher, and then was hired as our Before & After Care Teacher in our Children's House classrooms. She is now working in the Oak Room as Assistant Teacher. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Gokuldas College in India. She taught in India for children beginning preschool age through 3rd grade for a number of years before moving to North America. Once moving to the United States, Sadhna earned her daycare license and successfully ran a home daycare for 6 years, taking care of children ages 12 months to 4 years old.

Erin Puranananda - Lead Teacher

Kapok Room: Children's House Full Day Classroom

Erin Puranananda received her bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in International Relations and Spanish. She began her career in marketing and publishing but gave up that line of work to begin a family and raise her children. As a parent, Erin investigated the options for early childhood education for her children and was quickly drawn towards the benefits of Montessori. She was most impressed by the methods and its philosophy for teaching to the whole child. While her children were enrolled at Keystone, Erin helped as a Reading Mom and then began working as a Substitute for all of the Children’s house classrooms. Because of her new-found passion for working with young children, Erin joined the Keystone family in 2012 as the Assistant in the Oak Room morning class. During the summer of 2014 she attended the New England Montessori Teacher Education Center and completed her Montessori teaching certification. Erin is now the Lead Teacher in one of our Full Day classrooms.

Kruti Pandit - Assistant Teacher

Kapok Room: Children's House Full Day Classroom

Kruti joined Keystone in 2013, first working as a substitute teacher, then working as an assistant in the EL classroom. Over the years, Kruti has been able to work across all of our classrooms, serving as Before Care Teacher, Lunch Assistant, and Discovery Care Staff. Most recently, she has been working in the Kapok classroom as Assistant Teacher and Aftercare Teacher.
Amanda Frankland - Children's House Lead teacher / Art Teacher

Maple Room: Children's House Full Day Remote Classroom

Amanda received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin Pierce College in Graphic Communication with a concentration in Illustration and Photography. After working in the graphic design field for a number of years, she turned to her passion for art when she started and ran a company painting murals and faux finishes for a few more years. After deciding to stay home to raise a family, she continued to show her art in local galleries and shows. When it came time for her oldest to start preschool, she found Montessori and specifically Keystone and it has been a perfect fit for her family.

With 2 children currently enrolled in Keystone, she has been very involved in the Keystone Community and began substituting in the Children's House classrooms in 2013 as a regular substitute for the Keystone Year program, then as an Elementary Art teacher, and most recently as Lead Children's House Teacher. With her art background, she is able to bring her passion for art and her knowledge of many different mediums, styles and artists to the students of Keystone and is looking forward to assisting them in their creations! In 2015, Amanda joined Mr. McGlinchy's classroom as his new Assistant Teacher, and most recently earned her Montessori teaching credentials. For the past couple of years she worked as an Associate teacher alongside Mrs. Puranananda in the Kapok Classroom. For the 20-21 school year we are proud to have Amanda as the Lead Teacher in our 1st ever Children's House Remote Classroom, called the Maple Room.

Kye-Youn Jun - Lead Teacher

Birch Room: Children's House Full Day Classroom

Kye-Youn has a bachelor’s degree in Child Studies and a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Seoul Women’s University. While raising her two daughters, she became interested in Montessori education and sent both of them to Montessori schools. She completed her Montessori training at Northeast Montessori Institute in 2009, receiving her credentials for Early Childhood teaching. After completing her internship here at Keystone in 2008, she became an associate teacher in Children’s House. Prior to her Montessori training, she had extensive experience teaching children, receiving the Teacher of the Year award in 2007 from the Korean School of New England and the Best Teacher of the Year award from the New England Chapter of the National Association for Korean Schools. Kye-Youn is licensed to practice play therapy and dance therapy in Korea. She also plays the piano and enjoys incorporating music into her classroom. She finds inspiration for teaching from seeing children walk down the aisle during graduation ceremonies displaying their pride and confidence after 3 years of hard work. It gives her great satisfaction to see that she has contributed in some way to their growth and development.

Malli Dutta - Assistant Teacher

Birch Room: Children's House Full Day Classroom

Malli joined Keystone in 2017 as the Assistant Teacher in Birch Room. Previously, beginning in 2014 Malli worked at Keystone as a a substitute teacher, and she has also worked as an aid in our classrooms. Her attention to students' learning needs and her warm, gentle demeanor make her a great assistant teacher for our Children's House students.

Kathryn Wilkins - Lower Elementary Lead Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator

Sequoia Room : Lower Elementary Classroom

Kathryn is an experienced Lower Elementary Teacher, who joined Keystone in 2012, and has helped grow our Elementary program. She holds a Masters of Education in Elementary Ed, an American Montessori Society certification for Level I through the Seacoast Center for Montessori training. She also holds a Massachusetts professional level teaching license in PreK - 6 for students with and without disabilities, and has been working in the classroom for over 10 years in both public and private Montessori schools. In her time at a public Montessori charter school, she developed an in-depth understanding of the Massachusetts' state frameworks and the skills necessary to bring the Montessori philosophy and teaching methods to a larger audience.

Kathryn is a certified Positive Discipline and Engineering-is-Elementary teacher trainer. She is also Orton-Gillingham trained in both level I & II, which has strengthened the language program here at Keystone. She also enjoys working with adult learners, and strongly believes in sharing her experiences with others, presenting at local and national conferences and workshops. Recently she presented on Engineering in the Elementary Classroom at both the Montessori Schools of Massachusetts conference and the AMS conference. Kathryn is a life-long learner who continues to grow through on-going professional development. In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys spending time in the outdoors, camping, and hiking with her family.
Vrinda Ashoka - Lower Elementary Assistant Teacher

Sequoia Room: Lower Elementary Classroom

Vrinda has been a valuable classroom assistant here at Keystone since 2002. Her calm demeanor and gentle approach with children make her a great asset to our program. Vrinda has a Masters in Education, specializing in reading and language arts, from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. She has also taught English to middle-school and high-school students in India. Vrinda is in the process of completing her AMS Elementary Teacher certification!

Rita Banatwala - Upper Elementary Lead Teacher

Pine Room: Upper Elementary Classroom

Rita has been a vital part of the Elementary growth over the past several years, in both the Lower and Upper EL programs. Rita joined Keystone in 2008 as a Children’s House and an Elementary substitute. Then, in 2013 she was hired as Elementary Assistant Teacher. After spending a year as Assistant Teacher in the elementary classroom, Rita attended the Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC) in Lexington., and now holds an AMS Teaching Certification in both Level I and II.

She holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of New Hampshire. She worked as a software engineer for several years from Desktop Publishing to Document imaging, as an individual contributor, team leader and manager. After growing up in a Montessori household herself, both of Rita’s children attended Keystone. Rita believes in the Montessori philosophy and both she and her husband took the Re-Directing Children’s Behavior class, giving a strong foundation to their family.

Reena Agarwal - Upper Elementary Assistant Teacher

Pine Room: Upper Elementary Classroom

Reena has been associated with Keystone for the past 14 years. She enrolled her daughters at Keystone and was immediately drawn toward the Montessori philosophy. Reena worked as a substitute and assistant teacher in Children’s House for 6 years before moving to India, where she continued her love and passion for kids and teaching before moving back to the United States for her daughters education. This year, Reena is the assistant teacher in the Pine Room.
Suman Bhatt - Discovery Care & After Care Coordinator, Lunch Assistant and After Care Teacher

Elementary Classroom Support Staff & Aftercare Teacher/Administrative Support

Suman joined Keystone in 2005 as part of our After School Care program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from Kanpur University, India. She has been in the field of education since 2002, and has had tremendous experience working with children of all ages as substitute teacher in both Chelmsford and Andover.

Suman has worked as lunch assistant for many years and also co-ordinates the After School Care program and Discovery Care program for our Children’s House students. She is lovingly called “Mrs. B” by both students and staff.

Mayra Sheehan - Spanish Teacher
Mayra joined Keystone in 2016 as an Associate Teacher in one of our Children's House classrooms, where she served for 2 years. After taking some time off as a new mother, Mayra rejoined Keystone in September 2019 to serve as our Spanish Teacher for ALL of our students, from Infants to Elementary Students! Mayra is from Argentina and speaks fluent Spanish. As a certified Montessori teacher, she brings a lot to our Spanish curriculum, and our students adore her! We are so thankful to have Mayra back on the Keystone Team!
Kathy Walton - Music and Art Specialist

Kathy joined Keystone in 2009 as our Art and Music Specialist. Trained as an Orff music teacher, she brings movement, rhythm, and pitch to our classrooms. Working with a variety of Orff instruments, drums, and percussion, she makes music come alive for all of Keystone’s children.

Kathy taught art for years in California, and brings a variety of media to our students. Observing our world, then representing their observations using paints, paper, pencil, collage, and other materials, each child has the opportunity to express their own vision and creativity.

Shelly Harris - Bookkeeper & Administrative Assistant
Shelly joined Keystone in the spring of 2019 as the part-time bookkeeper. She has her MSW with a focus in macro social work from Boston University, but recently pulled back from full-time work to spend most days with her 2-year-old son. She found Keystone while researching pre-school options for her son, and is excited to send him here in 20-21. You may see Shelly working the front desk and performing other administrative tasks as needed. In her free time, Shelly loves to spend time with her family, bake, play board games, and attend pop-culture/gaming conventions.
Sibel Aydogan - Substitute Teacher/Administrative Support

Sibel is an amazing substitute teacher who has a long history with Keystone. Like many of our staff members, Sibel came to Keystone first as a parent, fell in love with the school, and started working as a substitute teacher for several years. Later on, Sibel joined Mrs. Vajjhala as her Assistant Teacher in the Oak classroom, until recently in the fall of 2018 when she moved from full time to a part-time substitute teacher. Sibel holds a law degree and worked as a trademark attorney in Turkey before she moved to USA in 2000. Between 2000 and 2003, she worked in the Attorney General Office in Lowell as a mediator and in a law firm in Acton practicing Immigration Law. She fell in love with Montessori philosophy while she was searching for a preschool for her kids and she was a Keystone Montessori parent for 5 years. With her passion for education and kids, she joined Keystone working as a substitute teacher for 3 years and now as an assistant teacher in the Half Day classroom since 2015. She enjoys spending time with her family, outdoor activities, and traveling. She has a special interest in healthy cooking, alternative healing, and holistic wellness.

Lisa Eisenberg - Financial Advisor
Lisa Eisenberg joined Keystone in 2003. In this capacity, she consults with key staff to help the school access the financial resources needed for growth and for the consistent delivery of an outstanding educational program. Lisa advises other small corporations and brings a wealth of financial and managerial expertise and ingenuity to the school. She is a graduate of Harvard University, and her children have attended Montessori school.


Keystone Montessori School, its Director, and staff maintain affiliations with the following organizations:

American Montessori Society
Montessori Schools of Massachusetts
International Montessori Council
National Association for the Education of Young Children
Boston Chapter of NAEYC
Educators for Social Responsibility
North American Montessori Teacher’s Assocation
International Network for Children and Families