Montessori: Preparing Children For Life

Our programs take learning to a whole new level.

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Keystone Montessori School invites you to its Weekly Virtual Open House events! We are building wait lists for 20-21 for Infants through Prek. Limited openings available for Summer and 21-22. Come learn about Montessori education and what makes our program so unique. Come see how we’ve modified our classrooms to protect the health & safety of our students while providing an authentic Montessori experience. With large, spacious classrooms, individualized work materials and an upgraded HVAC system, our students are receiving a quality education.

Looking for a community that supports children as individuals and parents as partners?

Come see what makes us different:

Beautiful, natural classroom environments tailored to meet the needs of your child

Multi-age classrooms that provides natural mentors and leadership opportunities 

Spaces and learning materials that encourage independence and curiosity 

A delicate balance of choice and limits that allows children to safely develop feelings of empowerment

A deep understanding and commitment to early human development and how that can be used to support each individual child. 

Specially-trained staff 

"We don’t view education as a system in which the teacher is the focal point of the classroom with a task of delivering information. We carefully prepare an environment in which we may guide children to discover the world for themselves. Montessori education has prepared inquisitive, intrinsically motivated, and joyful learners for over 100 years."

Why Montessori Education?

Our Montessori community is a refreshing break from conventional educational methods. We honor and respect children and their individual path to learning basic skills about the world and about themselves. We believe parents are an integral part of the process and that continued learning is important for us all.

We support children as they:

> Learn to care for themselves > Interact with the environment > Develop supportive friendships. > Work to master critical academic and social skills > Delight in learning about the world around them.

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that all children have a desire and ability to learn. As educators, it’s our job to guide each child down their own path of success. Using materials and methods that have been celebrated for generations, children master basic skills while growing a deep sense of who they are as individuals. 

What Happy Parents Say

"Wow! I cannot say enough about what this school has done for both my children. The entire school community has given my children the gift of knowledge and life skills.."

Happy Parent

"The 1st yr was a big bump where my daughter wasn’t able to focus. She struggled with transitioning and learning classroom rules. I felt so discouraged. But the teachers made all the difference. They were so open to hearing my thoughts and learning about my child through my eyes. We came up with a game plan on how to support her."

Happy Parent

"This school is amazing. The elementary staff are wonderful. You will want to come and observe this school. Our child is in her 7th year at Keystone and is in the elementary program. The difference is in the learning methods and style. "

Happy Parent

“An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves the spiritual development of man, the enhancement of his value as an individual, and the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live.” —Dr. Maria Montessori

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Come meet our amazing teachers and see firsthand how they warmly welcome and guide the children in their care.

We encourage families to observe! You’ll likely see a range of children and adults doing a wide variety of activities.  

Morning concentration

Each morning begins with an extended work period, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in deep concentration and important learning.

Making choices

Children making choices for themselves: about when to work, when to take breaks, when to eat and socialize, and when to explore areas that interest them.

How teachers give lessons

Teachers give lessons based on the developmental phase of the child; younger children receive most lessons 1-on-1, while older children who are socially motivated are given lessons in small groups.

Wide variety of activities

Children engaging in a wide range of activities. This will include traditional academic work such as math and reading, but also activities like food preparation, integrated arts and movement, practical life skills, and so much more.

Teachers will step back

Teachers gently assisting children when they need help, but knowing when to step back and allow them to be independent whenever possible.

Looking for an education that will prepare your child for the future?

Look no further. Montessori isn’t a daycare or a conventional approach to education. It’s a time-honored method that prepares children to learn for the rest of their lives.

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