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Maria Montessori believed that finding one’s place in the world, finding work that is meaningful and fulfilling, and developing inner qualities such as initiative, concentration, and a love of learning are the most important goals of education.

Keystone Montessori School encourages this type of self-directed learning for a life in a child-centered, international community valuing peace, respect for others and pride in individual differences through a strong educational program. Children in our classrooms work in a social environment of freedom within limits in which they learn to make productive choices, and to become responsible members of the community. The curriculum spirals from highly concrete for the youngest children to gradually more abstract experiences involving reasoning, problem solving and collaborative projects for older students. Our classrooms take advantage of the natural connections between topics, incorporating art, music and community service. Academic subjects like math, language, science, geography, history and Spanish are interwoven and bound together throughout the curriculum, from the Children’s House program through the Elementary program.

We hope you enjoy learning about our school through our website, but we also invite you to visit and experience the Montessori environment for yourself. Come in for a family interview and get to know our dynamic, multi-national community. Keystone Montessori is a place where parents, faculty and staff work together to provide a nurturing environment that allows children to grow and discover their place in our world.